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Sales and refund policy

Sales and refund policy

1. Check-in Time.
Check-in time begins after 5:00 P.M. Local Time. In some instances, access to your property may be unavoidably delayed due to cleaning or maintenance issues. There will be no discounts offered due to a late check-in. Your patience will be appreciated in these circumstances. Guests, who are required to check in at your local office and will be arriving later than 20:00 P.M, should make late arrival arrangements by telephone prior to arrival or can reference the to retrieve information about check-in/lock-box instructions. Early check-ins require special arrangements, 48 hours notice, and may be available for an additional fee. Our office hours are typically 10AM-8PM Monday-Saturday with seasonally extended hours.
2. Advanced Reservation Payment.

An advanced reservation payment will be required to confirm your reservation. This may be paid by cash, wire bank transfer o credit cards. The amount of deposit required is 20% of the rent plus the service fee, and tax. Reservations made under false pretenses of any kind will result in the forfeiture of all rental payments and fees as well as cancellation of your reservation.
3. Reservation Changes.

Once a reservation is confirmed, guests may not make any reservation changes or modifications.
4. Fees.

A non-refundable service fee will be charged to all reservations. The amount of this fee varies by property size. As part of the rent, some other fees may be included. The service fee includes a reservation processing, arrival and departure inspections, and 24-hour emergency services.
5. Cancellation.

If you canceled your reservation more than 30 days in advance, deposit will be refunded 100%.
Cancellations less than 30 days in advance, will be no refunds given, as normal cancellation penalties will apply.
6. Cleaning Fee.

All rental properties will require a one-time departure clean fee to be paid by the guest and will cover all normal cleaning. This clean fee is required on daily, weekly and monthly reservations. If you are staying more than one month in the same property, the fee will only be charged on your last month. All fees are subject to sales tax. IF, on ARRIVAL, you have ANY HOUSEKEEPING PROBLEMS, report them to the Guest Services Team IMMEDIATELY so that they may be remedied. NO DISCOUNTS WILL BE GIVEN DUE TO HOUSEKEEPING.
7. Check-out Time.

Check-out time is no later than 12:00 A.M. Local Time. Late check-outs require special arrangements, 48 hour notice, and may be available for an additional fee.
8. Pets.

In most of our properties pets are strictly forbidden. Pets are allowed only in properties that are designated “pet friendly.” A maximum of two trained, mature pets (not to exceed 25 lbs. each) are permitted in pet friendly properties. A 100€ non-refundable fee is required for pet stays and additional deposits may be required. Pet owners will be financially responsible for any damages and extra cleaning. Having a pet in a property that does not allow pets is grounds for immediate eviction without a refund.
9. Smoking is not permitted in any of our properties.

Guests will be financially responsible for any damages and extra cleaning if applicable due to smoking in a Non-Smoking designated property.
10. Advance Reservations.

We accept reservations up to one year in advance. We can confirm reservations for a future date, but we cannot confirm or guarantee rates for dates beyond the current published rental rates.
11. Property Assignments.

Easymarmenor will make every effort to honor particular property assignments. Such assignments and requests, however, cannot be guaranteed. If the original assigned accommodation is unavailable, substitutions will be comparable to the reserved rental, including size and location, where possible. Easymarmenor reserves the right to change assignments or move reservations without notice. No discounts or refunds will be given due to such changes, including moves, bedding sizes/selections and furnishing.
12. Minimum Stay

One week minimum stays will apply for certain properties with a Friday, Saturday or Sunday arrival and Friday, Saturday or Sunday departure. If you require a shorter stay, please ask for availability and rate.
13. Maximum Number of Guests.

The allowable occupancy for the rental property is based on the following sleeping arrangements:
2 persons per bedroom
2 persons per sleeper sofa
1 child under age 16 per bunk bed
Guests who exceed the maximum occupancy are subject to immediate eviction and forfeiture of all rental payments.
14. Family Rentals Only!

All of our vacation accommodations are family rentals ONLY. NO units will be rented to vacationing students or young adults under 25 if unaccompanied by a parent. A PARENT MUST BE STAYING IN THE PROPERTY AT ALL TIMES. OUR RENTALS ARE MONITORED FOR VIOLATION OF THIS POLICY. ALL VIOLATORS WILL BE EVICTED AND ALL RENTAL PAYMENTS AND/OR SECURITY DEPOSITS WILL BE FORFEITED. This policy includes reservations made by parents who do not check-in, and/or who leave overnight during the length of the stay. NO EXCEPTIONS! We require one parent for every four persons under the age of 25.
15. No Subletting.

The rental property may not be sublet. Your reservation is not transferable to any other party.
16. Rates.

Published rental rates are subject to change without notice. We reserve the right to correct rates that may have been misquoted due to human and/or computer error.
17. Payment of Rent:

We accept cash, wire bank transfer o credit cards. Our preferred method for payment is PayPal. Payments can also be made online for credit cards. Credit cards are not accepted for monthly rentals.
18. Key Policy.

Any Keys/fobs/wristbands that are signed for to access the rental must be returned to Easymarmenor at check-out. Failure to return these items to Easymarmenor office, or if these items are left in the rental property ( without prior agreement), may result in additional fees.
19. Housekeeping.

Laundry facilities are provided either in the rental property or on the grounds of the property. The property will also be stocked with an initial supply of trash liners, toilet paper, bath soap and dishwasher soap.
20. Beach Towels.

PLEASE BRING YOUR OWN BEACH TOWELS! We do not permit towels, sheets, blankets, or furniture to be removed from the property.
21. Community Pools.

Community or condominium pools are not controlled or maintained by Easymarmenor, therefore; Easymarmenor cannot be held responsible for inconveniences resulting from the pool. Community Pool Heating is offered seasonally under the control of the managing associations.
**Beach Service: Complimentary beach service is provided for some properties. Complimentary beach service includes two (2) chairs and one (1) umbrella, seasonally (weather permitting). Please note on website description for each property, if available. Complimentary beach service is an option of the owner and is subject to change without notice.
22. Internet.

Some of our properties have internet access, either fee-based or free, through their individual service providers. We do not, however, guarantee internet connectivity due to service being provided by an outside vendor, restrictions from personal computers, and several other factors that may lead to interruption of internet service. If you decide to access any Internet content during your stay, you do this entirely at your own risk and you are responsible for ensuring that any accessed material does not infringe the laws governing, but not exhaustively covering, copyright, trademarks, pornography, or any other material which is slanderous, defamatory or might cause offense in any other way. In the event the internet service is inoperable, we will do our best to troubleshoot over the phone but if it requires further assistance, the guest will be responsible for contacting the internet provider. No refunds will be given due to loss of internet service.
23. Maintenance Problems.

During your stay, promptly report any maintenance problems to Easymarmenor. Please do not leave doors or windows open while the A/C or heaters are operating. Easymarmenor’s staff may enter the property to respond to any maintenance and/or housekeeping issues during your stay. No refund or rate adjustment will be made for unforeseen failures such as the supply of electricity, water, pool filtration systems, air conditioning, telephone, television or cable service, appliances, etc.
**Furnishings: These properties are privately owned. You may not agree with the placement of items, furnishings, and/or mattress comfort level; however, this is the arrangement preferred by the owner. We encourage you to call us if you have any comments or concerns. No refunds or rate adjustment will be given due to owners’ choices on furnishings.
**Construction: Easymarmenor cannot predict construction plans in the area and therefore cannot be held responsible for any inconvenience. No refunds can be given in the event of nearby construction.
24. Security of Personal Property.

Easymarmenor is not responsible for any acts of theft or vandalism, or other damages to any personal property or for personal items left by guest in the accommodation at departure. If items left behind are found and wish to be returned there will be a 25€ service charge plus shipping.
25. Good Neighbor Policy.

We respectfully request that you remember you are staying in someone’s home during your vacation. Please treat it with care and leave it in good condition at check-out. Any unreported damages may result in additional charges.
26. Property Rules and Regulations.

Please observe all rules and regulations governing the use of the property you are occupying. These rules apply to both owners and guests, and failure to comply can result in eviction.
27. Parking.

Parking is limited to two cars per condo unless otherwise noted. Each Association regulates the number of parking passes issued to rental guests for each size property within the building(s) or neighborhood. Some of the Associations may assess a fee for parking; we will collect this fee and remit to the Association. No Trailers/Boats/RVs Allowed unless otherwise posted on property description.
28. Agent for Owner.
Easymarmenor serves as the agent for the owner of the rental property.